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Weary from the showiness and materialism that has overtaken his ministry efforts, Guy (Ramsey) goes on a journey to get back in touch with the heart of ministry and be a real role model to his youth group kids. He makes the difficult decision to cut short his speaking tour managed by his money-focused agent (Faison) after realizing that his reputation has become more fame based than Gospel-driven.

But when Guy attempts to return to regular youth ministry, he is thrust into the throes of dissuading the youth group from performing a strange and potentially blasphemous stunt for the upcoming Easter service, starring a young, zealous new Believer, Blaise. In attempting to manage his youth group while navigating an unexpected love interest in the Senior Pastor’s daughter (Cahill) and being a new father to his grown daughter (Manfredi), Guy ultimately rediscovers and puts on a powerful presentation of why we all need to put our hope in Jesus and not in ourselves.

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Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide

This five-session Discussion Guide will walk you through the idea of living a Gospel-centered life, by knowing it, relying on it, not being distracted from it, sharing it, and, finally, living it out. Let’s all remember the power of the Gospel and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts.

Each session includes a clip from the feature film CHURCH PEOPLE, a short devotional, Scripture passages, and discussion questions that will give you the opportunity to reflect on what the Gospel looks like in your own life.

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